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Four independently buffered "splitters". Plug an audio or CV into a channel input and it will be available on 2 outputs for signal distribution. Preferred over a passive "multiple" because the buffering rejuvenates the signal negating any signal degradation.

Channel 1 cascades into channel 2, which cascades into channel 3, which cascades into channel 4. This allows for "normalled" expansion of the channel signal outputs into all subsequent channel inputs.

i.e. Plug a signal into channel 1 and the signal will be available for distribution on all 8 outputs. Plug an additional signal into channel 2 and the channel 1 signal will now be available only on the two Channel 1 outputs while the channel 2 signal will be available on the remaining six outputs. The number of signals available for distribution are entirely dependent on how the input signals are plugged in.


This module is currently available. $190.00

Assembled/ tested board only: $80.00


Current draw:

V+= 21.3mA

V-= 21.1mA

PCB board dimensions:

3.125" (3-1/8") 79.38mm X 2.625" (2-5/8") 66.68mm

Mounting holes: 0.125" (1/8") 3.18mm (for 4-40 screw) 4 holes, one in each corner

Mounting hole spacing; Length: C-C= 2.925" 74.3mm, Width: C-C= 2.425" 61.6mm

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