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4 x Mixer

4-input mixer capable of handling audio or CV signals.

Simultaneously available inverted and non-inverted outputs.

Independent attenuation for each channel

"Punch-in" toggle switch on each channel to allow for "pre-setting" an audio or CV source on the channel, then "punching" it into the mix for realtime dynamic CV or audio control. Or simply, a channel on-off switch.


This module is currently available. $190.00

Assembled/ tested board only: $80.00


Current draw:

V+= 7.5mA

V-= 7.70mA

PCB board dimensions:

3.125" (3-1/8") 79.38mm X 2.625" (2-5/8") 66.68mm

Mounting holes: 0.125" (1/8") 3.18mm (for 4-40 screw) 4 holes, one in each corner

Mounting hole spacing; Length: C-C= 2.925" 74.3mm, Width: C-C= 2.425" 61.6mm

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