Amplitude Follower

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Amplitude Follower


The Amplitude Follower allows for an external signal, such as a microphone or guitar pickup, to be used as a source for generating control voltages that can be used to control parameters of other modules.

Audio in: Input jack for the external source. Microphone, guitar, etc.

Gain: Control to amplify the external source

Peak LED: Lights when the amplified signal reaches 5VDC. It is not a "clipping" indicator. It can amplify the input signal higher than 5VDC. 5VDC is the level that most envelope generators use and most VCA's respond to. It allows as an indicator that the signal is optimized for the rest of the system.

Preamp out: Output jack for patching the amplified signal to audio inputs.

Gate Threshold Allows you to set the point where the external signal will generate a gate output.

Gate on LED: Provides a visual reference for when the external signal has reached the selected threshold level and has generated a gate voltage.

Gate out: Output jack for the gate signal

Delay: Allows for "smoothing" of the output signals. At the minimum setting, the output voltages follow the loudness of the external signal. The louder you play or sing, the higher the output voltage. The reverse is true. The output voltage will follow the input signal loudness virtually instantaneously. The delay allows for the voltage to drop more slowly than the input signal.

+Output: Output jack for the variable control voltage responding to the loudness of the input signal.

Inv output: An inverted vesion of the +Output CV. If one is going higher, the other is going lower.


This module is currently available. $215.00

Assembled/ tested board only: $89.00


Current draw:

V+= 15.5 mA

V-= -13.5 mA

PCB board dimensions:

3.125" (3-1/8") 79.38mm X 2.625" (2-5/8") 66.68mm

Mounting holes: 0.125" (1/8") 3.18mm (for 4-40 screw) 4 holes, one in each corner

Mounting hole spacing; Length: C-C= 2.925" 74.3mm, Width: C-C= 2.425" 61.6mm

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