DIY single module PC board dimensions and mounting suggestions

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Standard PC board dimensions


Unless otherwise noted on the specific module information page, the majority of the available single-wide modules are dimensioned as indicated above.

Mounting suggestions

The module boards were originally designed to be mounted parallel to the control panel. This method lifts the board over the panel components and keeps the panel wiring lengths to a minimum.

Mounting is accomplished by attaching four 0.1875" X 0.75" stand offs with 4-40 screws. Four more 4-40 screws attach the other end of the stand offs to the panel.

For edge mounting, a small 90 degree angle bracket can be attached to the short side opposite the power connectors with screws and nuts. The angle bracket can be attached to the panel.

Care must be taken to insure that the mounting method doesn't short out any circuit traces. Insulate between the mounting device and the circuit board if that possibility exists. One suggestion would be to seperate the mounting bracket from the board with nylon washers found in any hardware store.

Mounting examples

Feel free to add your suggestions here or on the Mattson Mini Modular forum. To access the forum: Mattson Mini Modular forum main index.

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