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Assembled / Tested Boards

Assembled, tested circuit boards are now available for those customers who have the desire to create their own panels, graphics, and layout.

It's a great excuse to use that collection of parts that have been accumulating in a drawer for years.

All available modules have both 6-pin 0.100" MTA and 4-pin 0.156" MTA power connectors mounted on-board.

Most modules will perform equally well using +/- 15VDC or +/- 12VDC power supplies.

Please note on your order if you plan on utilizing a +/- 12VDC power source. The modules are calibrated using +/- 15VDC power sources and we will re-calibrate the modules for your power needs.

All components used in the module boards are certified RoHS compliant according to the EU directives.

The module circuit boards with the green solder mask and silkscreen are manufactured RoHS compliant. The non-solder mask boards are short run boards and are not RoHS compliant.

Available module circuit boards

The following menu items will show a picture of each module, give a brief description, have a lower resolution wiring sheet for that module and a link to a pdf version of the wiring sheet for customers to view, download and print.

The wiring sheet for each module lists the standard panel components and wire kits required to complete the module board. The wiring sheet also describes the components of the wire kit.

We have included in the shopping cart: wire kits, power cables and a selected assortment of miscellaneous panel and case components that we carry in our stock as a convenience to those who wish to obtain them from us. See the links at the bottom of this menu. Be sure to check out the Customer Gallery to see how the customers have used the DIY boards!!

Be sure to read the "DIY Panel wiring general conventions". This document sets the basic parameters on how all of the panel components are wired.

Module information:

Sources, CV generators:

Signal modifiers:

Mixing/ routing:

Wire Kits, Power Cables and Accessories

Wire kits, Power cables for module boards

Assorted panel components and accessories offered for convenience.

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