Dual Low Frequency Oscillator

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Dual LFO

Two independent LFOs in one module.

Each LFO contains two simultaneously available square and triangle waveform outputs.

Each output can be skewed to waveform extremes. i.e. square can be skewed from narrow-positive pulse widths through square to narrow-negative pulse widths.

Image:MMM LFO POS Pulse small.jpg Positive Pulse

Image:MMM LFO SQUARE small.jpg Square

Image:MMM LFO NEG Pulse small.jpg Negative Pulse

Triangle can be skewed from positive saw through triangle to negative saw.

Image:MMM LFO SAW small.jpg Sawtooth

Image:MMM LFO Tri small.jpg Triangle

Image:MMM LFO INV SAW small.jpg Inverted Sawtooth

Each LFO has independent rate controls. The upper LFO has a lower range than the lower LFO


This module is currently available. $195.00

Assembled/ tested board only: $89.00


Current draw:

V+= 20.00mA

V-= 17.70mA

PCB board dimensions:

3.125" (3-1/8") 79.38mm X 2.625" (2-5/8") 66.68mm

Mounting holes: 0.125" (1/8") 3.18mm (for 4-40 screw) 4 holes, one in each corner

Mounting hole spacing; Length: C-C= 2.925" 74.3mm, Width: C-C= 2.425" 61.6mm

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