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Analog lag processor.

CV In jack typically used for inputting a linear keyboard CV.

Amount control used for setting the length of the glide.

Mode switch allows for user selection of linear or exponential glide responses.

Direction switches:

Off turns off the glide process.

Up allows for glides only on the upper direction.

Down allows for glides only in the down direction.

With the Up and Down switches both active: Allows for glide in both directions.

Glide Out jack allows for patching the processed CV to other parts of the system.

The module can be used on any CV to create a lag process.


This module is currently available. $170.00

Assembled/ tested board only: $75.00


Current draw:

V+= 6.50mA

V-= 6.60mA

PCB board dimensions:

3.125" (3-1/8") 79.38mm X 2.625" (2-5/8") 66.68mm

Mounting holes: 0.125" (1/8") 3.18mm (for 4-40 screw) 4 holes, one in each corner

Mounting hole spacing; Length: C-C= 2.925" 74.3mm, Width: C-C= 2.425" 61.6mm

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