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Horizontal and vertical cabinet versions


6-pack. Six-module starter case with wood rails

Order choice of modules seperately

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The MMM Phoenix series modular synthesizer incorporates true-analog modules housed in a “grab and go” modular format.

Each Vertical and Horizontal cabinet contains space for 12 modules fed by an external power supply, providing for a truly portable, 12 module, analog modular system.

As your budget and needs grow, the system has been designed to interlock with additional systems for virtually infinite system expansion.

When you’re ready to go, each pair of cabinets can latch face-to face (with the optional hinge sets attached) into a compact, protective enclosure measuring 11-3/8” (28.89cm) W X 15” (38.1cm) H X 7” (17.78cm) D. Roughly, the size of 6 packages of printer paper stacked 3 high, side by side.

Each system with a MIDI module responds to one of 16 MIDI channels if so desired. Grow your system into a larger system with more creative power available than is available in a larger format system of the same size. When it’s time to go, the entire system breaks down easily into independent, easy to transport cases.

Starter Systems

Two basic starter system packages are now available.

One system with MIDI and one system without MIDI.

Each system as a bundled package cost less than the cost of the individual components.

Case options include Horizontal or Vertical cases with a selection of either Walnut or Maple construction.

Ready to use out of the box with the addition of a power supply or DC Interconnect cable depending on if the system is a primary or subsequent system.

MMM Cabinets

Every system starts with a cabinet. There are three cabinet styles available; Vertical and Horizontal 12 module enclosures:

Each measures 11.5” (29.21cm) W X 15” (38.1cm) H X 3.5” (8.89cm) D.

And, a 6-Pack. 6-module starter cabinet with wood mounting rails.

The standard 12-module cabinets are constructed with maple, but other woods are available on request.

Each 12-module cabinet includes:

Drilled and tapped 13 Ga steel mounting frame with 12 module capacity (or blanks)

Rubber feet

Power entry

Power expansion port

Power distribution network

The 50W external power supply is sold seperately. (Cat# PSU-X)

Hinge sets for the 12-module cabinets are sold separately because this is what determines whether each cabinet is an 'A' cabinet or a 'B' cabinet (if you have one of each they will latch together side-by-side or face-to-face.)

Note: Custom cabinets, wood species and configurations are available on request. Please contact us for more information.


MMM Modules

Once you've picked out your cabinets and figured out how you want them to go together it's time to choose your modules.

The modules conform to the electrical, audio and CV standards of most of the currently available systems and can be interfaced with other manufacturers systems.

MIDI, Power control:

MIDI / Power Control Aux Power Control



CV generation:

Dual LFO Voltage Controlled Dual Low Frequency Oscillator Sample & Hold Envelope Generator QuAD /ASR Envelope Generator Utility 1 SQ1 Sequencer

Signal modifiers:

JP-VCF VCA Quad VCA 4x Gate Delay Glide Amplitude Follower

Mixing/ routing:

4 x Mixer Voltage Controlled Mixer 4x-1x2Buffer

Blank and bare panels: (For filling unused spaces for future modules)

Blank Logo Panel Bare Panel


Or, FIY: Finish It Yourself

See a module you like but wish it was in a different format?

Like making stuff?

Now you can get assembled/ tested module boards separately and incorporate them into any format you want.

For more information check out the DIYcisions DIYcisions page.

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