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Created for the budget concious, The basic starter systems save about $200.00 from ordering the system components individually.

Each system is configured to provide a two oscillator voice chain with the basic routing, mixing and modulation CV source modules to get you going right from the start.

Power supply or DC interconnect cable must be ordered seperately.

[Power Supply Locator Page]

Image:Starter No MIDI Horiz Walnut.jpg Image:Starter Vert Maple.jpg


Horizontal, Walnut Starter system without MIDI.


Vertical, Maple Starter system with MIDI

There are two basic systems available:

1) A system containing a MIDI/CV controller for tonal based patches MIDI - Power Control

2) a system with a Power entry module for front panel power control Aux Power Control

including a Utility 1 module for generating manual or clocked gates for the more allegoric pallate. Utility 1

Module Compliment:

Both systems contain the following modules:


2X VCO-J Voltage controlled oscillators. 6 simultaneous waveform outputs each. Voltage Controlled Oscillator - Jack Version

1X Noise Generator. Simultaneous white, pink and slow random outputs. Noise


1X VCF, Voltage controlled filter. 4-Pole, 24 dB/Oct state variable. Voltage Controlled Filter

1X VCA, Voltage controlled amplifier. With morphing amplitude through ring modulation. Voltage Controlled Amplifier

Control voltage generation:

1X Envelope Generator. 4-stage ADSR with manual trigger and repeat functions. Envelope Generator

1X VC LFO. Voltage controlled dual low frequency oscillator. Voltage Controlled Dual Low Frequency Oscillator

1X Sample and Hold. Includes internal LFO sample source and clock, Plus, track and hold selection. Sample and Hold

S/H video: Sample and Hold Basic Operations Video

Mixing and signal routing:

1X VC Mixer. 4-channel voltage controlled mixer with normal and inverting outputs. Can be used for audio or CV signals. Voltage Controlled Mixer

1X Buffered Multiple. 4 X 2 signal distribution buffered multiple. 4x 1x2 Buffer


Either system can be ordered in the vertical (3X4) or horizontal (4X3) case configuration.

Vertical Cabinet

Horizontal Cabinet

Either case can be ordered in Maple or Walnut. Selection of Walnut material will add $15.00.


Power supply and/or DC Interconnect cable must be ordered separately.

A Power supply can provide enough power to run up to three systems. (up to 36 modules).

Power supply locator

Second and third cabinets will only need the DC Interconnect cable.

DC interconnect cable


These systems are available

Starting at $2,700.00

To order, visit the Shopping cart

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