Vertical Cabinet

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Vertical Cabinet

The vertical cabinet measures 11.5”(29.21cm)W X 15”(38.1cm)H X 3.5”(8.89cm)D and is capable of holding 12 modules in a 3-across x 4-down configuration (less if you have modules that take up more than one standard module space). Each is constructed with maple and includes the following:

  • 13Ga steel -drilled and tapped- module mounting frame
  • Rubber feet
  • Handle
  • Power entry
  • Power distribution for 12 modules
  • Power expansion port

Add a Hinge Set A or Hinge Set B (not included) to be able to connect this cabinet side-by-side or face-to-face with another.

Custom woods and finishes are available; please contact us for more information.

Requires an external +/-15 VDC power source. Power supply locator

Or, for the second or third cabinet, a DC Interconnect Cable. DC interconnect cable


This cabinet is currently available. $350.00

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