Mattson Mini Modular
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The MMM Phoenix series synthesizer incorporates true-analog modules housed in a “grab and go” housing format.

Each system cabinet contain space for 12 modules fed by an external power supply, providing for a truly portable analog modular system.

MMM Basic System


When you’re ready to go, each pair of cabinets latches face-to face into a compact, protective enclosure measuring 11-3/8” (28.89cm) W X 15” (38.1cm) H X 7” (17.78cm) D. Roughly, the size of 6 packages of printer paper stacked 3 high, side by side.

When Open, the system measures 23” (58.42cm) W X 15” (38.1cm) H X 3.5” (8.89cm) D.
As your budget and needs grow, the system has been designed to interlock with additional systems, horizontally and vertically, for virtually infinite system expansion. Each system responding to one of 16 MIDI channels if so desired. Grow your system into a larger system with more creative power available than is available in a larger format system of the same size. When it’s time to go, the entire system breaks down easily into independent, easy to transport cases.

The modules conform to the electrical audio and CV standards of most of the currently available systems and can be cross-patchable with other manufacturers systems.


To learn more about the system and its modules, check out the wiki.


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